I went to Hawaii for spring break and this is what I did:

I went on four airplanes and arrived at the big island. Then we rented a Jeep and drove all around. We went to a luau and I ate a bunch of brownies. We flew to Honolulu and we went to Pearl Harbor, and looked at torpedoes at Pearl Harbor. We went to our hotel. (Our front deck was a scary drop off.)

We went to a pool and my Dad stayed at it while me and my Mom and brother went looking in stores. Then guess what: I found low priced UKELELES! My Mom bought me one that was blue with white Hawaiian flowers. We only stayed two days in Honolulu and it was like two hours just to drive one mile over there. We went on four flights once again and then we arrived in GRAND RAPIDS!!! I was happy. We were riding home in our car and I couldn’t wait to be home!

Turtles : fast or slow.

Some people think turtles are extremely slow. Turtles may be slow on land but they swim fast in water. If you go to Sandy pines you may see turtles swimming in water or resting on logs, but swimming turtles are fast. Some turtles can run fast too. I’ve seen turtles jump before and it takes less than a second for them to already be underwater, and the turtles that did this were like two feet wide, believe me I’m serious. If you try to catch a turtle you’ll see how fast they are.



My cats

I have two calico cats. One of my cats is super cuddly and loves everyone and my other Cat makes sure she knows you by sniffing you. My cats both are friendly and fun to play with. My cats both like to relax in their beds. Both my cats are different because my first cat Bella has a snow white face and my other cat has a brown, black, and white face. My cat Bella, when she was a kitten she had a big injury and I’m not gonna give all the details because its a pretty bad thing. My cat Bobi, I’m pretty sure she’s a wild cat because the people we got her from said that they went in their shed and found a family of cats which was my cat’s Family. If you liked my post please comment.


I love summer. Not just because I get free time. I go to a really fun day care called Discovery Days. I have many friends over there and we go on field trips three times a week and we have Oscars at one point. Then we do all sorts of stuff like we go to Sandy pines and we go to this lake. Discovery days is awesome! At discovery days there are days when you can play electronics and over there they have a playground and a big area next to the playground were you can play dodgeball and basketball and all sorts of games. Over there they have drawing materials, a stage, and all sorts of stuff.

Minecraft 2

On Minecraft you may want to build a shelter because if you just run out to a wad of monsters unarmed your going get game over but there are many ways of how to make a shelter. You can make a shelter by making a wide building with a bed in it and torches but if you want a mine shaft in your house put a trapdoor on the top or monsters may leak into your house like zombies and skeletons. If you travel to the end or the nether you cant place beds down or it explodes and in both places a certain kind of monster or monsters are there. Ghosts and pigmen are in the nether and the enderdragon and endermen are in the end. Ghosts look sad but they are dangerous. Just saying don’t run on a mountaintop at night on Minecraft. In some spots on survival mode there are packs of monsters. Endermen are a big threat. They can transport behind you and punch you and the way how you can get them to not punch you is back up to a wall. You can tame wolves with bones then they turn into dogs. Dogs will kill zombies but not creepers. If you want more info buy the Minecraft handbook.

My Legos

Now I finished some of my undone Legos Star Wars sets! Now I have more of well the dark side but it sure is cool. Now I`m saving my money for one of the new sets which is one of those stomper things but one thing I know is I don’t know how much money I have. I really want a Lego Minecraft set but I have not found one yet that is around. I have many Lego sets. It’s as if I only like Legos because my room is almost all Legos. These are mostly the ones I worked on.


I like Minecraft even though I really do not have buttons and switches.  I have three submarines. One of them I’m planning to destroy when I find a thing strong enough that breaks the sub in one hit. One sub is bedrock and the other two are wool. I also have a UFO that is really fun to play around in because its like a square oval. My UFO is pretty fun to look around on the inside. I have four pirate ships too that are awesome because one is an evil ship and the rest are good ships. I also made a giant TNT cannon that destroys a lot of my progress in my world. Before I knew it my giant cannon destroys a bunch of my world.  I loved blasting it. Ever since I figured out that my cannon destroys a bunch of progress in my world I have not shot it but I do keep it around anyway.                      picture from

can tiny turtles eat strawberries.

It’s weird but actually  true. A little turtle can eat a strawberry. Bite by bite they will eat a strawberry. Then they will have eaten all of it. They have strong jaws which help them eat big foods. Turtles go from small hunter to big hunter like the alligator snapping turtle and a red eared slider. Small turtles eat minnwos but big turtles eat sunfish and bluegills. Tortoises eat strawberries and fruit.


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